Our kids need more...

Hooray! Yay! Yipee!

There is nothing better than seeing a child's face light up, right? I swear their eyes sparkle and twinkle if you look closely enough! Let's capitalize on creating these moments of joy... one mailbox at a time!

Hooray Mail is subscription snail mail delivered twice per month for kids ages 2-6. In each brightly colored envelope find a personalized card and a simple, fun activity! 

Meet Natalie

Hey y'all! I'm Natalie - girlfriend to Kevin, dog mom to Dezi, Addie and Boyd, creative entrepreneur and future mom to tiny humans (one day!). I'm a believer of creating happy moments in your life and the lives of others. Often, those happy moments include physical items we love - like snail mail. Along with snail mail, I love office supplies, dessert, cocktails and photography.

I am also the founder and owner of Freckles Creative Studio, a stationery, gift and office supply company.  It has been exciting to adopt Hooray Mail into this colorful, paper loving family of brands. Learn more at frecklescreativestudio.com!

I first met the previous owner of Hooray Mail, Katie, through the Savvy Business Owners Facebook group. She was looking for design collaborators for Hooray Mail and as a graphic designer, lover of children's spirits and color - I couldn't resist the idea! Little did I know what this would bring.

A few months later, after forming a wonderful friendship with Katie, she approached me about purchasing Hooray Mail. My heart said "YES!" immediately and my brain caught up to the idea a few weeks later. As of December 2016, I took over as owner of Hooray Mail and hope to continue Katie's mission of creating "hooray" worthy moments for children via colorful snail mail!

"Hooray" worthy moments...

"Hallie really enjoyed it and can't wait to get her next letter later this month!"

Kelly & Hallie

"She went on to sing Old McDonald Had a Farm for the rest of the day."

Whitney & Olive

"As soon as Abby received her first package, she hurried to her playroom to get to work!"

Mary & Abby

Ready to send some HOORAY mail?!